December 21, 2009 by Clark

The day that changed my life

My cock grew over 4 inches in 4 weeks for FREE.
Accidental meeting with an ex-porn star has changed my life forever.

Hi, everybody! My name`s Clark and I`m 32 y.o. I live in Seattle, Washington and work as a photographer in a glossy magazine. Here`s my post about one day that has changed my life forever. I`ll tell you about my accidental talk with Alex, a Mexican-born former porn star now working at a recruiting agency in Hollywood, and then you`ll know about one of the most common myths of porn industry.

Before After

As you understand, here I had to change the names because of privacy reasons but you`ll see that doesn`t really matter... Well, I think everybody has watched a porn movie at least one time in his life. So you must have noticed how big and hard males` cocks are! Think these guys were born with these massive fat poles?

OK, I was really happy with my 5 inches in pants (average size, you know) and never had any size related problems with girls. But to tell you the truth I always wanted to have my cock bigger and envied all these stallions I saw in porn videos. Now when I have 2 more inches without painful and expensive surgery and know how porn stars have such huge cocks, my old secret dreams seem funny and make me laugh. But anyway I won`t run ahead and here`s my story from the very beginning.

A party in Hollywood

I was in Hollywood on business about 6 months ago. A friend of mine who lives there and works in real estate business invited me to a glamour party in a big villa with golf courses, tennis courts and 3 or 4 swimming pools. There were lots of people from show biz and I could even recognize some really famous actors. Well, there was an athletic-looking guy somewhere in his 40s always surrounded by young sexy girls. My friend told me his name was Alex. He began his career in Hollywood in low-budget projects but then became a real porn star and appeared in some dozens of well-known movies for adults. Now Alex is in recruiting business and deals with some top film makers in Hollywood. When the party was in full swing I saw Alex sitting alone in an armchair and smoking a huge Cuban cigar. We talked about the latest sensational releases then about the photography and eventually I asked Alex a question that was on the tip of my tongue. "How damn all porn actors have such giant cocks ready to fuck days and nights?" Alex got surprised and asked in turn, "you really think these guys were born with their massive rods?" I shrugged my shoulders and Alex burst out laughing. Then he calmed down and said, "it took me just 4 weeks to grow and have the size you saw in my movies." Then he added, "wanna know how to get the penis of a porn star?"

Getting a porn star size in 4 weeks!

Well, I just couldn`t believe my ears when Alex told me it was possible to increase penis in size by up to 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth just in 4 weeks! Surgery? No. So you must be joking! Alex smiled and told me about 2 magic products. Go on reading and you`ll go wild as I did listening to Alex!

The Magic Product

The product is Vimax Pills, which I was told was the best penis enlargement pill on the market. This was originally designed by people in the porn industry. It directly increases the size of your penis by expanding the tissue and blood vessels. Basically, by doing that, you get a penis that's wider when hard!

To try or not to try...

As I told you above, I was happy with my size and never thought about undergoing any penis enhancement procedures. But Alex`s words were constantly ringing in my ears and I couldn`t stop thinking about this amazing porn revelation. I did my own research to get more information about this miracle cure for porn stars. The product turned out to be really natural. I also found they`re offering a free trial where you pay for shipping only. Well, I ordered a one-month supply and got the products a few days later.

Miraculous growth!

Before I proceed with my exciting story, look at my penis before I started taking the products. To tell you the truth I wasn`t 100% sure of success but I had nothing to lose and decided to try.


I carefully followed the instructions and took the pills every day before food. I took 1 Vimax Pills in the morning as prescribed. I never skipped the doses and finally got a well deserved reward.

Now look at my penis after the trial course!

It grew 2 inches in length and about 1 inch in girth in just 4 weeks! It also looks massive and healthy, doesn`t it?


I couldn`t believe my eyes watching my bigger tool! 2 inches in just 4 weeks! Sounds incredible but I can see it every time I pull down my pants.

During the course and then I never felt any painful symptoms or even a slight penis discomfort. I also noticed my erection became harder and quicker, I feel stronger in bed and my ejaculations're getting more and more intense and stormy. I can even say my overall sexual health has greatly improved since I first took the pills.

6 months later after I talked to Alex

What my life is like today 6 months after my meeting with Alex in Hollywood? Well, I gained 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth in just 4 weeks without surgery or any other painful enhancement methods. 100% natural supplements haven`t only increased my penis but also improved my sexual health and stamina. My sexual life has become even brighter and more intense. My skills in bed now look impressive and I really turned into one of those tireless stallions you can watch in porn videos! As I mentioned above it was the day that really changed my life.

Well, here`s my story about the day that changed my life. Now I know how it`s easy to get the penis of a porn star and also grow up to 2 inches. Everybody who needs some help or has any questions about the products, don`t hesitate to write here. All those who tried the products are welcome to leave your comments here!


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